a brief note on its origins, history, and accuracy

Astrology has its accuracy not in its interpretation that the stars control (or even manipulate) people or earthly events, but in that time is cyclical in nature, and astronomical reckoning is by far the most subtle (and therefore precise) method that we have of measuring time, especially when considering long time-scales.

When things manifest in the physical, that manifestation can be symbolized as points on a grid. In geometry, we represent this on a Cartesian coordinate system in 3-dimensional space. We consciously manifest along with a 4th dimension, that of time. This manifestation could be described – but not visualized – in a Cartesian coordinate system in a 4-dimensional manifold.

Our physical senses operate "in the moment" by collapsing the 4th dimension into a continual line. Most likely this is because of the aggregate nature of our identity... it seems our lack of conscious freedom in navigating the time aspect of space-time has to do with the fact the manifested universe manifests via time; that is, time precedes height, width, and depth, and defines their limitation.

However, ancient wisdom proposed that time itself manifests via several dimensions before it that are still scientifically unrecognized. Let’s consider a version of string theory called M-theory that "solves" (simplifies) several inconsistencies in other theories by positing an 11-dimensional macro-verse with our manifested universe as a unique 4-dimensional expression. If we were to order these dimensions, time would therefore be the 8th dimension, distance from a gravitational body (height) would be the 9th, motion perpendicular to the poles of a body but constant on the height plane represented by the 10th (width or depth, depending on perspective) and motion parallel to the poles represented by the 11th.

Ancient wisdom symbolism has many elements that could be construed as representing the activity of an 11-dimensional universe manifesting itself as a three dimensional body via a line-defined dimension. There is of necessity a mixing of terminologies to combine ancient wisdom symbolism with current scientific symbolism, and current scientific symbolism fails to account for the activity of the seven previous dimensions, which express themselves to human sensibilities more in the character of activity than that represented by the reduction of event to repeatable, probabilistic chance outcomes – as modern scientific analysis prefers.

This is why science fails to see the cyclic nature of the quality of event – astrology – as a measurable, or even real, phenomenon.

Events do not repeat themselves physically. But, the nature of events is cyclical and causes cyclical consistencies in physical activity. This can be measured, predicted, and used for positive advancement, but on smaller time scales (and especially at time-scales on the same scale as our awareness) these effects are very subtle, and obscured by the influence of human will and consciousness.

Unfortunately, much ancient wisdom is lost or hidden. Egyptian astrology and Babylonian astrology became hopelessly confused as they cross-combined, and Egyptian astrology especially seems to have had a symbolism highly related to current M-theory. The astrology that has come down to us – like many other methods of “divination” – is a bare echo of what once was a very literate use of the placement of astronomical objects as both symbol and clock. While its predictive accuracy has been lost due to confusion of purpose (and deliberate deception), some aspects of the wisdom survive.

But one thing that seems certain from ancient sources, is that the more knowledge one has of the seven dimensions preceding "objective" reality, the more reliable astrology becomes as a tool for measurement and prediction.

(This article owes a great debt to the research of Seven Star Hand)

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