Curt Cannon

Curt Cannon

Biography: Curt is a novelist and musician. He lives in Oklahoma with his wife, their dog Max, and the ghost of the dear departed Dylan.


Elisha MorganElisha Morgan:
Rebellious teen Elisha Morgan is accustomed to making rash choices with little consequences, but through the course of one strange and terrifying night, her life is turned upside down. Chased by monsters through what she thought was a quiet town, Elisha learns there is mystery - and danger - hidden behind the quiet face of Worthy's Vine.

Day TripsDay Trips:
Curt has several stories feature in the collection Day Trips. You can read "The Road Unravels Backwards" for free!

Current Projects:

Thumping for Dummies (album)

Journey to Sun (sci-fi album)

"The creative person should have no other biography than his works."
—B. Traven


Elisha Morgan
by Curt Cannon
Elisha Morgan
Day Trips
Day Trips


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