Day Trips, Vol. 1

May, 2014

An introduction to the authors of Sidewalk Labs, the first volume of  Day Trips contains nine speculative storDay Tripsies ranging through a variety of genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and myth.

  1. “Thoughts,” by CK Adams
  2. “The Road Unravels Backwards,” by Curt Cannon – read it here!
  3. “Books,” by Linus Josie
  4. “Above All Earthly Dignities,” by Kyle Staples
  5. “To Dino-Dig Returneth,” by Derek Cocker
  6. “The Hypnotist,” by Brad Little
  7. “The War Is Over,” by Curt Cannon
  8. “Dr. Blüdt,” by Curt Cannon
  9. “Eden,” by Luke Everett
  10. “Blood Hungers,” by Kyle Staples

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