A collection of short fiction from the authors of Sidewalk Labs.
Ten speculative stories in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and myth.

Thoughts, by C.K. Adams
The Road Unravels Backwards, by Curt Cannon
Books, by Linus Josie
Above All Earthly Dignities, by Kyle Staples
To Dino-Dig Returneth, by Derek Cocker
The Hypnotist, by Brad Little
The War Is Over, by Curt Cannon
Dr. Blüdt, by Curt Cannon
Eden, by Luke Everett
Blood Hungers, by Kyle Staples

A great collection of short stories with something for everyone – mystery, horror, fantasy, comedy. A fun read!
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A delightfully diverse collection of short stories that will take you into different worlds, genres, styles, and emotions – definitely something for everyone, and with enough depth to warrant re-reads.
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First edition release date:
June, 2014