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Martin EmbersMartin Embers

Martin was born in Missouri in 1948. As an avid reader of pulp fiction in his teens, he began writing short stories and novels, a hobby which continued throughout his life. After the recent death of his wife, Jacquelyn, he moved to Dallas, TX, where he writes full-time and teaches literature as an adjunct professor.


Riches---front-cover[dropcap]K[/dropcap]urt and Janice Ganning have a troubled marriage, to say the least. Janice feels contempt for her unambitious husband, and Kurt resents his controlling wife. So when Kurt pushes her off the roof of their house, making her death look like an accident, he thinks he’s solved all of his problems. At least until he wins the lottery, until an ambitious police officer decides the case is a homicide—and until Janice walks out of the morgue and onto Kurt’s doorstep.

Coming May, 2015


[dropcap]"T[/dropcap]he creative person should have no other biography than his works."
—B. Traven


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