2nd Thoughts


Always the Clown (Mystic Madman)

Am I There

Anchor's Weight (Kahlua & Cream)

Another Beer

Anus Squeeze (Flatulators)


Better (Aege)

Betty (Aege)


Catch 23

Draculette (Mystic Madman)

Dream Cycle #1: Lovely Lady

Empty Love (Kahlua & Cream)

Entrancement (Aced Out)

Frozen (Mystic Madman)

God or Ghost (Criminal Behavior)

Looking the Other Way (Mad Magic)

March of the Madman/Everybody Fakes It (Mystic Madman)

Maybe There's Time (Mad Magic)

No Regrets (Mad Magic)

No Solution (Summit)

Only Gonna Ask You Once

Patient's Song (Robby Dale)

Quiet Man (Kahlua & Cream)

Satisfied (Rollenstein)

Saturday (Mystic Madman)

Sex Marvelous (Mystic Madman)

Somewhere, Somehow (Mad Magic)

Too Much for Me (Samson Miller)

Working Man (Robby Dale)


You Can (Aege)

2 the Strip (Aced Out)

All Natural

A Better Look (Aege)

Bloodlust II: Drink of Me


Floaters in the Mines

Here I Am

King James' Counselor (Robby Dale)

Kundalini (Criminal Behavior)

Listen Close...

Reason & Rhyme (Aced Out)

Rest Easy (Spraycan)

Temptation (Mad Magic)

Though I Try to Examine My Thinking


Always with the Clouds

Archer Covenant

Beauty Glistening


Chansadroits (Maurice Turreau)


Columbus Cataract

Comes the Demon

Counting the Ways (Brock Champlain)

Disturbing Conversation (Karl Cricket)

Dream Attack (Bruce Atherton)

Forget About Promises

Four Corners Theme

Frozen Journey

The Hypnotist (Curt Cannon)

Imperial Mantis (Curt Cannon)

Judges Gather at the Line

Justice Falters over Time

Knights That Fall at Dawn

Kurt's Theme (Donovan Castle)

Lashala (Curt Cannon)

Lore of Angels

Ladybugs Dying, Grasshoppers Crying

A Minor Procedure (Jack Vidette)

Minus 100 and COUNTING...

Minus 099 and COUNTING...

Minus 098 and COUNTING...

No Fare

A Pensive Pause

Piano Sonata No. 1 (Finn Kieland)

Quickening Fire

Scientific Method Theme

Shadow on the Moor

Tuesday Night (from Tuesday Night Movie Theater)

15 Minutes Later

130 Tons

Anxiety (Curt Cannon)

Any Touch

Ariane Emory (ParaSight)

At Night, a Haunted House (parst)

Atom Bomb Blast (Ritch)

Basketball DVD

Built on Faith (Allen Strong)


Championship Round

Cliques and Humans

Dabble Ace

Dr. Kissit

Dead End Ahead


Essence of an Open Heart

Falling Water

Figures of Speech

A Forced Exit

From Beginning to End

Fuss Up

Grand Maestro Introduction

Hand Me the Potion (Curt Cannon)

Holy Smokey

In Fantasy Land

In Honor of Alice


Jealous Notes

Just Like Hell (Ritch)


Know Your Friends

Lately I've Been Wondering

Love Always and Forever

Making Progress

Mrs. Whatsit

My Bestraum

Nightcrawls of Doubt

No Credence

No You Don't

Open (Aege)

Piece Defining

Piece of Cake

Piano Trio

Quality Time

Self X-tension

Slow Fall, Distant Autumn

Stomps the Monster (ParaSight)

Symphony No. 1

Under the Influence of Consideration

User Error

Vast Distance, Tiny Vessel

What Hurts Us Most

What I Would Wish

Working for Mystic

World in the Hand


You Have a Light

You're My Love (Aege)

Zen Consideration

"The creative person should have no other biography than his works."
—B. Traven


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