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A Brief Note on Astrology
by Philip Keenan

An editorial by Philip on the history of astrology and modern misinterpretations.

Self-Publishing on CreateSpace
by Curt Cannon

A step-by-step guide to publishing your work using the popular CreateSpace platform.

Character Rebellion
by Chester Katt

Chester breaks down what to do when you're writing fiction, and your characters refuse to do what you want.

Recent Collaborations:

Scientific Method, Episode 40: The Wedding
The latest episode from Chicken Dynasty. It’s finally happening – The Professor and Ruth are getting re-married. But does the Professor know exactly who he’s marrying?
Music by Sidewalk Labs.

Vital Preaching
by Dr. Justin Tull

Pastor Dr. Justin Tull explores the theology and practice of preaching.
Book cover and interior by Sidewalk Labs.

Building a Bridge to Benefits
by Ralph W. Jarvis

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Ralph Jarvis provides a vision for molding an organization into a sustainably developed enterprise.
Book cover by Sidewalk Labs.

"The creative person should have no other biography than his works."
—B. Traven


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Elisha Morgan
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