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Day Trips, Vol. 2

Day Trips Vol. 2

A collection of speculative stories from the authors of Sidewalk Labs Creations.

The Gobo Bride

The Gobo Bride

A science-fiction mystery. Lewis Gregory, a reality 3V detective, is hired by a celebrity actress to investigate the background of her alien fiance.

The Isle of Dreams

The Isle of Dreams

An epic comic fantasy. In the midst of an unexpected zombie invasion, Habian the Historian is sent on an expedition to chronicle the history of the world of Myriat.

The Eye of Set

The Eye of Set

A theological sci-fantasy by G.S. Christopher. A brilliant professor discovers an artifact with untold power.

Aaron Robertson's Sycamore

Aaron Robertson’s Sycamore

Louis Charles’ newly discovered children’s fantasy follows Aaron through a magical land of Feathers, Shells, Fins and others as he searches for the mysterious Magistrate.



Kurt murders his wife and wins the lottery. She comes back to collect. An urban fantasy/suspense thriller by Martin Embers.

Elisha Morgan

In this young adult thriller by Curt Cannon, Elisha discovers through the course of one terrifying night the mystery and danger that lurk in the shadows of Worthy’s Vine.

Day Trips, Vol. 1

Day Trips, Vol. 1

A collection of mind-bending fiction, with a wide range of speculative stories from new, never before published authors making their debut with Sidewalk Labs. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and myth.


Sonic Totems, Vol. 1

  1. Beauty Glistening
  2. Dirty Rotten Blue
  3. Mistaken for Haunting
  4. Know Your Friends
  5. Xanaa
  6. Back in My Misery
  7. How the Seasons Change
  8. Vibratonne
  9. Wait Until She Breaks the Pose
  10. Forget About Promises
  11. Let Me Be Free
  12. Lashala

April 24, 2016

A Sidewalk Labs Creation.

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and produced by Sidewalk Labs.

Qort contributions:
“Dirty Rotten Blue”
“How the Seasons Change”

Asitot contributions:
“Know Your Friends”

Parst contributions:
“Beauty Glistening”

Ica contributions:
“Back in My Misery”
“Forget About Promises”
“Let Me Be Free”

Geos contributions:
“Mistaken for Haunting”
“Wait Until She Breaks the Pose

Fan Faves

Fan Faves
  1. Patient Man
  2. Saturday
  3. Quiet Man
  4. Looking the Other Way
  5. The End Is Near
  6. Some1’s in the Kitchen
  7. Another Beer
  8. Draculette
  9. Instrument
  10. Clasped
  11. March of the Madman (Everybody Fakes It)
  12. Our Palace
  13. Long Walk in Winter Coat
  14. No Solution
  15. Betty (Get Away, Girl)
  16. C’Nedra Sleeps

January 22, 2011

A Sidewalk Labs Creation.

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and produced by Sidewalk Labs.

Songs by The Mystic Madman:
“Patient Man”
“March of the Madman”
“Long Walk in Winter Coat”

Songs by Aced Out:
“Some1’s in the Kitchen”

Songs by Kahlua & Cream:
“Quiet Man”

Songs by Summit:
“No Solution”

Songs by Mad Magic:
“Looking the Other Way”

Songs by The Alts:
“The End Is Near”

Songs by Wesley Stevens:
“Our Palace”

Songs by Byron Baldwin:
“Betty (Get Away, Girl)”

Ica contributions:
“Another Beer

Myriat contributions:
“C’Nedra Sleeps

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